Micro Processing

Laser micro processing is based on a light-matter interaction process at a micro or submicron scale i.e. a removal of matter by laser focalization on a very small surface area (laser spot of few hundreds of µm2). The femtosecond lasers developed by Amplitude for more than 10 years have made real progress in this field. Indeed, the matter is ablated without going through the liquid state. The thermal effects during this operation are then reduced and the area affected by the heat remains negligible in front of the size of the laser spot on the sample. Thanks to our technology, our achieve the highest precision and the highest available quality in micro-machining. Hence, the initial matter’s properties are not altered (no mechanical stresses induced, no electrical nor chemical modifications). For example: luxury products, automotive and aeronautics.

Amplitude femtoseconds lasers are compact, low power consumption, and reliable over time.

Recommended products


Powerful, full-featured and versatile femtosecond laser / Tangor is a high power ultrafast laser laser combining both high repetition rate (going up to 40 MHz...
  • From > 50 W to > 300 W
    Average power
  • From > 300 µJ to > 1 mJ
    Energy per pulse
  • < 500 fs to > 10 ps


Versatile, full-featured and compact ultrafast laser / The Satsuma family of femtosecond laser offers offers versatility in the most compact aircooled laser platform on the...
  • From > 5 W to > 50 W
    Average power
  • From > 10 µJ to > 40 µJ / 150 µJ
    Energy per pulse
  • < 350 fs to > 10 ps


Ultra-compact and high energy femtosecond laser / Yuja is a powerful femtosecond laser offering a high repetition rate (going up to 40 MHz and adjustable...
  • > 10 W
    Average power
  • > 100 µJ
    Energy per pulse
  • From single shot to 40 MHz
    Repetition rate