Compact and easy to use, MULTI module allows to combine high-end process quality with mass-customization requirements in industrial environment.

  • #Flexible
  • #Straightforward integration
  • #Ergonomic interface

Compatible with


Powerful, full-featured and versatile femtosecond laser / Tangor is a high power ultrafast laser laser combining both high repetition rate (going up to 40 MHz...
  • From > 50 W to > 300 W
    Average power
  • From > 300 µJ to > 1 mJ
    Energy per pulse
  • < 500 fs to > 10 ps


Ultra-compact and high energy femtosecond laser / Yuja is a powerful femtosecond laser offering a high repetition rate (going up to 40 MHz and adjustable...
  • > 10 W
    Average power
  • > 100 µJ
    Energy per pulse
  • From single shot to 40 MHz
    Repetition rate

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