Sequoia HD

Sequoia HD

Amplitude is extending the capabilities of the Sequoia 3rd order cross-correlator. The worldwide reference for ultrashort laser pulse contrast characterization is improved and reaches unprecedented measurement dynamic range.

  • #Ultra high dynamic range
  • #Temporal contrast measurement
  • #cross-correlator

Compatible with

Pulsar PW

Ultra intense ultrafast laser Pulsar PW is the ultimate light source dedicated to high field science, offering the best-in-class performance and bringing industrial-grade reliability to...
  • 1 shot / mn to 1
    Repetition rate
  • From > 0,5 PW to > 1 PW
    Peak power
  • From > 12,5 to > 25
    Energy per pulse

Pulsar TW

Pulsar TW is the state-of-the-art high intensity laser for high field science. It offers best-in-class performance with industrial-grade reliability in a compact footprint. This laser...
  • From 5 to 10 Hz
    Repetition rate
  • From > 60 TW to > 250 TW
    Peak power
  • From> 1,5 to > 6,25 J
    Energy per pulse

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