• Low cost of Ownership
  • Air cooled for both IR and green wavelength
  • Long Term Mean Power Stability (<0.5%rms)

 Air-cooled high-power ultrafast oscillator

Mikan is an ultra-compact, reliable, and turn-key femtosecond laser oscillator. Air-cooled, with high average power for lasers of its category, it is widely used in fabs for Semiconductor and Display metrology, as well as in labs for ultrafast science applications.

Offering ultra-stable performances under demanding conditions and 24/7 usage, Mikan is the laser of choice for users that want to benefit from a maintenance-free laser for years.

Mikan offers a green (515nm) output as an option, with >500mW average power.

Mikan’s 15 years of maturity allow reliability with high performances. Releasing a clean beam, short pulse, and low noise allows pure data collection for imaging, metrology, and spectroscopy needs.


Available Options



    • Doubles laser frequency through non-linear optics
    • Enhancing imaging precision and material processing in femtosecond lasers
Average Power> 1,3 W
Energy Per Pulse> 24 nJ
Pulsewidth< 250 fs
Repetition Rate54 MHz
Central Wavelength1025 +/- 5 nm

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Spectral bandwidth
Average Power
Pulse Duration
Repetition rate
1030 +/- 5nm
< 20 nm
> 125 nJ
> 5 W
< 150 fs
Single shot to 40 MHz
Goji HP
1030 +/- 5nm
< 20 nm
> 500 nJ
> 5 W
< 200 fs
10 to 40 MHz
1025 +/- 5nm
< 10 nm
> 24 nJ
> 1,3 W
< 250 fs
54 MHz

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