Surelite 4

Surelite 4 2021 v1

Surelite 4

The new Surelite 4 high energy 100 Hz diode pumped laser platform draws upon 40 years of experience in quality laser design based on the “Energy through Efficiency” thesis – the best high energy laser beams are obtained when excess heat is minimized in the gain media.

Excellent beam quality & unsurpassed output energies in a compact and flexible package make Surelite 4 the ideal choice for pumping OPOs, dye or Ti:sapphire lasers.

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  • Repetition Rate
    10 to 15 Hz
  • Energy Per Pulse
    From 170 to 380 mJ per oscillator in each pulse at 532 nm
  • 1064 nm and 532 nm outputs

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