Ultra-compact and high energy femtosecond laser / Yuja is a powerful femtosecond laser offering a high repetition rate (going up to 40 MHz and adjustable according to your needs). Thanks to its small dimensions, it can be implemented in all production configuration.
Versatile and full-featured, Yuja femtosecond laser is equipped with: the customization function FemtoBurst™ (choose the number of pulses, their rhythms, time between each pulse between 25 to 100 ns, etc.), the trigger on demand for selecting individual pulses, SuperSync Control for getting more precise synchronization with a high speed scanning system.

YUJA laser is compatible with MULTI module. See video

  • #Customization function FemtoBurst™
  • #Trigger on demand - FemtoTrig™
  • #SuperSync Control
  • #Proprietary method FemtoGlass™

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Yuja Multi

Yuja MULTI allows you to dynamically split the single beam of Yuja laser into multiple spots or multiple beams or change your standard round...

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