Amplitude and Continuum Merge to Become Amplitude Laser Inc.

The company’s USA presence will now operate solely under the Amplitude Laser Inc. name.

Bordeaux, France – April 1, 2022. Amplitude, a leading technology innovator, developer, and manufacturer of medical, scientific, and industrial lasers, has merged its two North American divisions (Continuum Electro-Optics Inc. in Milpitas, CA, and Amplitude Laser, formerly of Cambridge, MA) to become Amplitude Laser Inc. The merger and name change mark the final step in enjoining the company’s US presence to Amplitude’s corporate operations in Bordeaux, France as the company moves forward internationally with one identity.

Continuum Electro-Optics Inc. (a subsidiary of Amplitude Laser since 2014), has been one of the most trusted names in the field of standard and advanced nanosecond lasers since its incorporation in 1975. With the Amplitude Laser/Cambridge, MA operations now shuttered, the North American division of the now Amplitude Laser Inc. will operate solely from its 532 Gibraltar Drive, Milpitas, CA location and will continue to remain a benchmark for excellence in the laser industry.

The Continuum name change to Amplitude Laser Inc. also eliminates all product branding confusion going forward.

We’re very excited to have our company come together under one name,” said Amplitude’s president, Eric Mottay. “The merger and name change for our North American division to Amplitude Laser Inc. solidifies our unity as one company, and represents a stronger, seamless presence on both the domestic and worldwide laser R&D and manufacturing stage.” Amplitude Laser Inc./Milpitas’s new general manager Eric Pesle adds, “We’re thrilled to now be able to move forward as one solid, successful team.

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