Amplitude and NREL’s Precision Laser Strategy to Enhance Battery Performance

NREL’s Laser-Focused Approach To Optimize Battery performances with Amplitude


« A recent battery manufacturing project—affectionately called BatMan—has developed a novel laser patterning process to microstructure of battery electrode materials. Funded by DOE’s Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies Office, this project brings together expert minds from the National Renewable Energy LaboratoryClariosAmplitude Laser, and Liminal Insights. This revolutionized manufacturing process could unlock significant improvements to electrified transportation, leading the charge toward a brighter and more sustainable future. (…) Researchers used an Amplitude Laser femtosecond laser system with high-speed galvanometer-controlled scanning optics for the laser ablation, working closely with the Amplitude team to achieve precise control of the laser based on position, power, frequency, and number of pulses. NREL researchers led by Donal Finegan fine-tuned those parameters to optimize the process.

“Our collaboration with NREL helped integrate the laser into their existing research capabilities to support the BatMan project goals,” said Quentin Mocaer. “We also received valuable insights into how future system designs and new technologies could further improve this process at an industrial scale.”
Writes Rebecca Martineau, Feb 13th, 2024 for her article “Unleashing the Power: BatMan Project Revolutionizes Battery Manufacturing


Results in brief:

The team National Renewable Energy Laboratory researcher Nathan Dunlap has demonstrated superior FAST-CHARGE PERFORMANCE with nearly 100% more capacity after 800 cycles for electrodes patterned with our lasers. It also shows great improvement in wetting time, beneficiating from channels allowing better Li ions propagation.

Cost-analysis simulations using the Battery Performance and Cost Model indicate industrial adoption would require minimal capital and operational investment, resulting in only ≈ 1-2 $/kWh for a 50 MWh factory. As commercially available, industrial, ultrafast lasers approach the 1 kW average power threshold, there is interest in realizing the above-described benefits to LIB performance in high-throughput electrode manufacturing lines.



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