Amplitude and the European project MULTIPOINT

Multipoint is a European multi-disciplinary consortium led by IK4-TEKNIKER. It is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme and was launched in the beginning of 2019. The consortium involves 6 partners*, including Amplitude, and will end in 2022. Its main objective is to develop a high-power femtosecond laser system with a multibeam generation unit, custom beam delivery scanning, and a system for processing on the fly. Launched to improve high throughput micro-drilling, it will provide a novel system driven by the industrial requirements of the fabrication of large, micro-perforated Ti panels for the construction of HLFC structures.

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A project in harmony with Amplitude’s roadmap


Clemens Hönninger, Vice President for R&D at Amplitude. Source:

Amplitude is always striving for both continuously pushing and improving our technology, and to answer our client’s needs in the best possible way. Being a part of the Multipoint project seems therefore only logical. Through this project, Amplitude’s objective is to develop a high power laser source. 3 main development axes have been laid out to pave the way for attaining this objective:

> optimisation of the optical design to reach the desired performance,
> thermal management,
> the mechanical challenge: the integration of all the components in the most compact footprint.

To achieve this, several critical components for achieving high power and high energy femtosecond lasers have been specified, characterized, and validated. Moreover, modifications to the central laser amplifier building block itself have been developed in order to power scale this module. These developments are currently in the process of evaluation and will substantially simplify the optical design of the high power femtosecond laser.” explains Clemens Hönninger, Vice President for Research & Development at Amplitude.

In parallel to the optical design, the thermal management has to follow the increased requirements of a kilowatt average power laser.

Finally, the optimised optical design as well as the thermal management are important ingredients for the mechanical conception and integration of all necessary components into the most stable and compact kilowatt femtosecond laser system. The realisation of the kW femtosecond laser for the Multipoint project is planned for the end of the year.


*IK4-TEKNIKER, Amplitude, Multitel, Lasea, Aerometallic and Prosumerlab.