Amplitude Represented at The CLP Board Of Directors

This summer, Vincent Rouffiange, VP Sales & Marketing at Amplitude, was elected as a member of the board by the members of Association Club Laser et Procédés, all professionals in the field of industrial laser technologies and processes.

“Being a member of CLP was already an obvious choice, but joining its board of directors gives me the opportunity to participate in the development and promotion of the laser manufactured for the benefit of industries. I am looking forward to working with John Lopez, and the other administrators, to increase the visibility and notoriety of innovations related to laser technologies and processes.
CLP is a dynamic club of professionals which is also enriched by its relations with international laser networks such as The Laser Institute, Association of Industrial Laser Users (AILU), Japan Laser Processing Society, and Swiss Photonics.
Over the years, the laser industry has made its place in the industrial market. But, our interest is to maintain and develop this notoriety in order to defend our interests and those of the profession with national authorities such as the Direction Générale des Entreprises, Photonics France, CNSO etc.” testifies Vincent Rouffiance