Amplitude Reveals Tangor 300, Its New Ultrafast Laser

Tangor 300 takes its name from 300W power. It is the result of several years of development and innovation. The story starts in 2001 when Amplitude launches its first 1W laser. To add some perspective, texturing an ordinary post stamp would have taken then 20 minutes. Since then, Amplitude worked on new ways to improve our technology in order to increase our clients’ productivity. In 2016, we launched the Tangor laser with 100W of average power. And today, Amplitude confirms its leading position with the  Tangor 300W. To compare with the first experiment,  texturing an ordinary post stamp would this time take less than 3 seconds!

Able to deliver a pulse duration lower than 500 femtoseconds, our ultrashort femtosecond laser ensures a nearly zero laser heat impact on an area, guaranteeing both high quality and excellent precision for manufacturers. In addition, Tangor 300 can deliver energy up to 1 mJ per pulse and a repetition rate up to 40MHz. And as this laser is being able to cover 100mm² per second, it  allows for exceptional machining speed.

See the video showing a metal plate (0.5m² / 5,38 sq. ft) texturized in less than 8 minutes :


The Tangor 300 is the most versatile, fastest and powerful ultrafast laser on the market and can be used for all kind of materials. The level of power provided by this industrial femtosecond laser allows to combine quality and speed, enabling processes which could not have been reached before. . This new femtosecond laser can overcome many manufacturing challenges found for example in the aerospace industry, luxury, automotive, DISPLAY OLED, and many others. After a successful Tangor 100W, this femtosecond 300W laser is the next step in the road to the kW laser and will give the industry access to macroprocesses with micromachining precision.