Surelite 4 A New High Energy Diode Pumped Laser Platform

Continuum, a company of Amplitude Laser Group, launches Surelite 4: a new high energy diode pumped laser platform for ultrafast lasers, exhibited at Photonics West 2021 on Amplitude’s – virtual – booth.

Providing high energy and high repetition rate, Surelite 4 draws upon 40 years of laser experience in laser design based on the basic thesis of “Energy through Efficiency”. – – the recognition that the best high energy laser beams are produced when excess heat is kept to a minimum in the gain media.

Internationally recognized for their lasers’ beam quality, Continuum has developed and manufactured Surelite 4 also for the parent Amplitude. This new 100 Hz laser platform offers the necessary pumping energy and beam quality to boost our portfolio of high energy, high repetition rate ultrafast lasers.

Named after the most successful pulsed Nd:YAG laser on the market (more than 20,000 installations), the Surelite 4 will assume the mantle held by its revered predecessor.  The existing flashlamp pumped Surelite I, II, III, and EX lasers will continue alongside the new Surelite 4 to satisfy the respectable market demand for these utilitarian flashlamp pulsed lasers.