Fighting breast cancer : Amplitude shares its progress within the X-Pulse project

Amplitude involved in XPulse ProjectThe XPulse project aims to develop a 3D X-ray imaging system using ultrafast lasers for application in the early detection of breast cancer. With our partners Alphanov, CELIA, Imagine Optics and Bergonie Institute, first tests have been carried out and led to a validation of the X-Ray conversion performances and long term stability of the Amplitude MAGMA 25 laser.
XPulse project is supported by the Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine from the start, and Amplitude is currently developing a laser 100 times more powerful, similar to the Magma 200 but 20 times faster. This new laser source will be integrated by AlphaNov to have a unique tomography system, that will then be evaluated at the imaging center of the University Hospital of Bordeaux.” explains Antoine Courjaud, Product Line Manager.
This new laser generation addresses a large range of applications such as Terahertz and XUV pulses generation for materials analysis 10 to 20 times faster than before.

See the X-Pulse movie: click here