Compress, taux de répétition plus rapides et intensité de crête au maximum

Compress, module industriel de compression d’impulsion offre la combinaison unique d’efficacité de sortie et de ratio de compression pour vous aider à atteindre l’intensité crête maximum dans un

Compress, the industrial pulse compression module, offers a unique combination of throughput efficiency and compression ratio to help you reach the maximum peak intensity in a cost-effective manner. The Compress-10 version allows to reach the few tens of femtosecond regime with state-of-the-art > 80 % throughput efficiency, whereas the Compress-50 can turn our industrial Ytterbium lasers into few-cycle laser sources with > 50 % efficiency.

Amplitude industrial Ytterbium lasers with Compress not only give access to Ti:Saphire and OPCPA pulse durations but the user also gains the following advantages:

> intrinsic repetition rate,
> average power scalability,
> simpler setup,
> higher overall efficiency,
> pristine beam quality,
> industry leading short and long term stabilities.

It makes our Compress the indispensable companion for any Industrial Ytterbium Lasers.

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