• Robust standardized tool for daily use
  • State-of-the-art technology to measure laser pulse temporal contrast
  • A wide range of laser systems

Developed by Amplitude, in collaboration with the French CEA and under their license, Sequoia stands as a cutting-edge solution for measuring the temporal contrast of laser pulses. Its advanced capabilities make it an invaluable asset for operations that demand precise control over the laser pulse contour, particularly in femtosecond laser systems employed in high-field physics applications.

Sequoia’s state-of-the-art measurement technology allows femtosecond lasers to achieve unrivaled temporal contrast, ensuring the laser pulses have an ultra-short and well-defined duration. This exceptional temporal control is crucial in high-field physics experiments, where precise laser-matter interactions are essential for exploring fundamental scientific phenomena, such as laser-driven particle acceleration, attosecond pulse generation, and laboratory astrophysics.

The ability to accurately measure and optimize the temporal contrast of femtosecond laser pulses empowers researchers in high-field physics to achieve groundbreaking results with unprecedented precision and reliability. Sequoia’s integration with femtosecond laser systems enhances the capabilities of these lasers, making them indispensable tools for cutting-edge research in the most challenging and frontier areas of science and technology.

Central Wavelength800 ± 15 nm ou 1050 ± 15 nm
Spectral Bandwidth750 - 850 nm ou 1000 - 1150 nm
Input Pulse Duration20 - 200 fs (FTL)
Input EnergyDown to 500 µJ for 30 fs pulses

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