Lasers for Industry

Choosing an industrial femtosecond laser is a strategic decision to reduce consumable costs and enhance operational efficiency.

With over 20 years of experience, our lasers are crafted within ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities. These lasers are meticulously designed to cater to diverse industrial needs, allowing a single tool to serve multiple purposes, from micro-machining to pixel repair and more. Industries can optimize their processes and achieve exceptional results by opting for femtosecond lasers, renowned for their precision and non-material-altering properties.

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  • Average Power

  • Pulse Width

  • Repetition Rate

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Best seller Femtosecond laser Satsuma


Compact industrial ultrafast laser and worldwide best seller The Satsuma product line of femtosecond laser offers versatility in the most compact air-cooled laser platform on...
  • Pulse Duration
    10 ps
  • Average Power
    > 5 W to > 50 W
  • Energy Per Pulse
    > 10 µJ to > 40 µJ
New product

Satsuma X

Powerful & Versatile Ultrafast Laser Satsuma X is an all-in-one and robust femtosecond laser dedicated to all needs in industry and science. With a full...
  • Pulse Duration
    < 400 fs
  • Average Power
    28 to 50 W
  • Energy Per Pulse
    Up to 500 µJ per pulses

Satsuma Niji

Fully customizable and versatile femtosecond laser Satsuma Niji is an industrial laser platform offering all possible wavelengths from 257 nm and up to 4000 nm....
  • Pulse Duration
    50 fs < Δτ < 350 fs
  • Average power
    Up to 20 W
  • Energy per pulse
    Up to 40 µJ
Image of ultrafast laser Tangor

Tangor 100

Powerful, full-featured and versatile femtosecond laser Tangor 100 is a 100W, IR, femtosecond laser combining high repetition rate AND high energy per pulse (500 µJ...
  • Pulse Duration
    From 500 fs to 2 ps
  • Average Power
    From 30 W to 100 W
  • Energy Per Pulse
    From 150 µJ to 700 µJ
Ultrafast Satsuma Display

Satsuma Display

Satsuma Display is the most compact air-cooled femtosecond laser on the market, offering 4 individual outputs. Satsuma Display is based on the well-known Satsuma platform...
  • Pulse Duration
    < 350 fs to 10 ps
  • Average Power
    From >0,5W to 6W
  • Energy Per Pulse
    Up to 60 µJ
Goji image


High precision and compact femtosecond laser The Goji benefits from our 15 years’ experience in laser surgical applications. It has been specifically engineered and...
  • Pulse Duration
    <150 fs to 200 fs
  • Average Power
    > 5 W
  • Energy Per Pulse
    > 125 nJ to > 500 nJ

Tangor 300

Powerful, energetic, versatile and full featured, Tangor 300 is made for all industrial and scientific needs. With Tangor 300, accelerate your production process & advance...
  • Pulse Duration
    < 500 fs to 10 ps
  • Average Power
    From 100 W to > 300 W
  • Energy Per Pulse
    From 200 µJ to 3 mJ