Fastlite: Advancing Ultrafast Laser Solutions Through Innovation

Founded in 1999 by Pierre Tournois and Daniel Kaplan, this company has emerged as a pioneering force in ultrafast laser pulse control and measurement.

With a foundation deeply rooted in the pursuit of innovation, their focus on femtosecond pulse shaping and characterization launched the company into the international spotlight. This expertise quickly established Fastlite as a frontrunner, redefining benchmarks in precision and performance.

During the last decade, the launch of its Optical Parametric Chirped Pulse Amplifiers (OPCPA) activity, delivering record performances, has prolonged Fastlite’s image as one of the most innovative companies in the ultrafast laser community.

Fastlite becomes Fastlite by Amplitude

On July 12th, 2023, Amplitude announced the successful acquisition and seamless integration of Fastlite. This strategic confluence has expanded Amplitude’s product portfolio and enhanced its standing as a vanguard provider of avant-garde laser solutions.

Fastlite’s incorporation into the Amplitude family represents an alliance that unlocks new horizons. Coupling Fastlite’s OPA (Optical Parametric Amplifiers) and OPCPA with Amplitude’s state-of-the-art femtosecond laser solutions enhances their capabilities, ushering in new dimensions of precision and adaptability.

The union combines Fastlite’s femtosecond pulse shaping and characterization expertise with Amplitude’s well-established prowess. This synergy equips Amplitude to present holistic solutions that resonate with dynamic industry demands.The manufacturing facilities in Orsay and Antibes in France are cradles of innovation, nurturing ideas and transforming them into revolutionary solutions.

A complete worldwide service offer is available for current and future Fastlite products.