OPA and OPCPA Products

OPA and OPCPA are techniques used for generating ultrafast femtosecond laser pulses. OPA utilizes a nonlinear crystal to produce tunable wavelengths and high energy, while OPCPA combines OPA with chirped pulse amplification for increased peak power. These methods enable versatile applications in fields such as spectroscopy, microscopy, and material science.

  • Average Power

  • Pulse Width

  • Repetition Rate

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Mango is a unique platform of optical parametric amplifier built to conform to the highest quality standards. This system can deliver any wavelength from...


Introducing a groundbreaking generation of ultrafast light sources, this innovative technology achieves unparalleled stability in Carrier-Envelope Phase (CEP), while boasting impressive average power and...


The TwinStarzz, featuring a revolutionary and exceptionally stable design, offers remarkable simplicity while delivering efficient, short, and tunable pulses in the mid-infrared (MIR) range....