motherboard circuits with processorThe semiconductor industry tends towards ever smaller and more complex microchips, making the standard production tools of limited use, if not obsolete. The rapid development of new materials and structures linked to advanced packaging of semiconductor devices presents new challenges, leading to the use of increasingly fine laser systems. Offering unrivalled precision, Amplitude’s femtosecond lasers are perfectly-adapted to meet the needs of these new issues.

These lasers are mainly used for:

> Metrology: Wafer thickness measurement and characterization of thin layers
> Selective Ablation: Removal of thin layers from micron to nanometer – without impacting adjacent layers
> Dicing: Dicing of microchips with accuracy and quality, incomparable to current methods (diamond saw and traditional lasers)
> High Precision Drilling: Micrometric drilling for a large range of materials (hard ceramics, polymers or transparent materials)

Recommended products

Picture of ultrafast laser Tangor UV

Tangor UV

Tangor UV is a state-of-the-art high power UV femtosecond laser, up to 30W-500fs. It combines high repetition rate, up to 2MHz and high UV...
  • Average Power
    > 30 W
  • Energy Per Pulse
    Up to 80 µJ
  • Pulsewidth
    500 fs


The Terra Nd:YLF laser is the smallest laser in its class. It produces high average power (>50 W) at kilohertz repetition rates. Our proprietary...
  • Average Power @ 3 kHz
    From 20 to 50 W
  • Pulse Repetition Rate
    0.1-10 kHz
  • Pulse Energy at 0.1-1 kHz
    From 15 to 30 mJ


Our Mesa Series of lasers is ideally suited for a broad range of scientific and industrial applications, including micromachining, where small kerf width and...
  • Power CW
    From 20 to 100 W
  • Power at 10 kHz
    From 10 to 75 W
  • Wavelength
    1064 and 532 nm