Medical and industrial applications

Ultrafast lasers are quietly transforming industrial manufacturing processes. Their ability to process any material with an exceptional quality and precision makes them an essential tool for high precision medical and industrial applications.

Ultrafast lasers are today found in clinics, treating cataract or correcting myopia, in large semi-conductor or electronics companies, bringing to market new display technologies and computer chips. They manufacture advanced implants and medical devices, improve battery life and fuel efficiency in the automotive industry. They cut glass, ceramic and metal with unprecedented accuracy, drill holes with high precision and throughput, selectively remove thin film layers with nanometer-range resolution or confer new properties to materials by surface micro- and nano-texturing.

Amplitude has been at the forefront of industrial ultrafast laser technologies for more than 15 years. The company has a unique expertise, ranging from high power lasers optimizing process throughput to small, customized lasers for integration in a challenging environment.

With a strong emphasis on reliability, quality control and advanced manufacturing, Amplitude is ready to face the most demanding industrial application.

Scientific applications

From high energy physics, spectroscopy and biochemistry, to advanced neuroscience applications, ultrafast lasers have been instrumental in several Nobel prizes in recent years. Amplitude is on the forefront of this revolution, with a unique product offering covering all ultrafast technologies on the market. From High speed Yb fiber lasers to multi-Petawatt lasers, from EUV to THz photon energy, few-cycle CEP stabilized systems, single shot to tens of MHz repetition rates, we offer the highest performance available today, be it pulse duration, peak intensity, temporal contrast , etc.

The complementarity with our Industrial Business Unit allows us to uniquely combine highest quality design & manufacturing, stringent performance tests, and world-class service capabilities with bold R&D to offer the innovative laser solutions you expect. With innovation as our core value, we collaborate and forge strong links with renowned labs and institutions. Reliable and state-of-the-art photons is our commitment.

Amplitude Laser Group is composed of three subsidiary companies: