Laser 4.0

The New Generation of Amplitude Services

Make the most of your Amplitude laser with our Laser 4.0 Program: a helpful suite of digital services to accompany you throughout the laser’s life cycle.

Thanks to numerous sensors and a state-of-the-art electronic system, laser data mining enables you to optimize the availability of laser and enrich its use.

Keep in control: security and confidentiality are guaranteed by choosing which data and when to share with Amplitude.

Facilitating Access To Amplitude’s Resources

Example: Lasers Installed Base Overview

> Access to the full list of your fleet of installed lasers
> Access to manuals and other technical documents
> Access to Amplitude hotline
> Access to our femtosecond laser process simulation application
> Access to our secured files repository for sharing data with us
> Access to our production tracking application (coming soon)

Example: Illustration of Results With Process Simulation Application

Example: Production Tracking

Go Further With The Laser 4.0 Program

Benefit from extra services for optimizing the control on your laser and increase your productivity:

> Access to ‘4.0 Installation Checkup’ service: guaranteeing that the installed system is matching factory performance
> Access to ‘4.0 Health Check’ service: detecting anomalies and acting to avoid unexpected failures
> Access to ‘4.0 Fast Diagnosis’: in case of an anomaly, reducing downtime thanks to faster and more accurate diagnosis
> Access to ‘4.0 Remote Maintenance’ service: reducing downtime by repairing remotely (only in applicable cases)
> Access to ‘4.0 Laser Dashboard’ service: real time dashboard & adjustable smart alerts

Example: Overview ‘4.0 Health Check’

Example: Illustration of a ‘4.0 Laser Dashboard’

Our Offers

Laser connected Laser not connected
1st year for free
Access to 4.0 Plateform
4.0 Installation Checkup
4.0 Health check (monthly)
4.0 Health check -24/7
4.0 Fast Diagnostic
4.0 Remote Maintenance
4.0 Laser Dashboard
“Box 4.0” (connection box) rented for free


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