laser interiorIt has always been Amplitude’s desire to propose a complete product line of the technologies present in our field. Beyond simply selling cutting-edge laser solutions, we propose to our customers the possibility of acquiring instruments, modules or additional systems which can be installed around our lasers. This allows, for example, the expansion regarding the possibilities of our platforms, the customization of spatial and temporal characteristics of the laser beam, but also the daily simplification of the use of our laser systems with the introduction of a controlled and embedded intelligence software. The Sequoia for example is an add-on allowing for the precise measurement of temporal contrast. It is also reference in the world of ultrafast laser, and something we can propose to you.

Clients wishing to develop or improve their own femtosecond systems will find an answer to their needs in our product range. A complete line of lasers for pumping, based on Neodyme and Ytterbium YAG technologies, is also available. The many different possible combinations in those cases have us envisioned a wide range of pumping configurations, going from the Ti :Saphir system to the OPCPA.