Successful 700TW / 10Hz 22 fs Ti:Sa laser installation at ELI ALPS Research Institute

Amplitude 700W laser installed at ELI ALPSDuring the SPIE Optics + Optoelectronics event in April, Benoît Bussiere presented the high performance of a 700TW / 10Hz 22 fs Ti:Sa laser, installed at the ELI ALPS research institute in Szeged, Hungary.




Amplitude performance 700w laserWHAT IS ELI ALPS HF PW LASER ?
> Performances : The High Field (HF) Laser is a high repetition rate, high average power, ultrashort pulses, and ultra high contrast system devoted to generate pulses with ultrahigh 2PW peak power at 10Hz
> Great performances, but what for ?  The output pulses are going to be used for surface high harmonic generation, electron and ion acceleration experiments
> How do we make it possible ? Amplitude Laser has included new developments in this system :
>> OPCPA front end for contrast enhancement
>> Premiumlite Lasers to pump last amplification stage with 2x 50J /10Hz @ 532nm with excellent performance and stability
>> Longitudinally water-cooled Ti:Sapphire crystal mount to handle the thermal effects in the last stages.
>> Beam transport system of about 30m propagation between amplifiers and compressor to enter the shielded area
>> Metrology Bench compatible with complete characterization of the full pupil beam

Amplitude Laser has already demonstrated more than 730TW compressed pulsed at 10Hz, which is a WORLD PREMIERE !

After these excellent results, and after solving some beam transportation issues with Premiumlites beams, we are now ready for our next challenge >> reaching full energy amplification of 50 J at 10 Hz // WE KEEP IN TOUCH !