Empower your ultrafast laser with Femtotrig®: precision timing, tailored energy, and absolute control

Available on our Tangor and Satsuma series, the Femtotrig® option simplifies pulse triggering for your intended application. It improves precision in pulse timing, surpasses oscillator periods, and broadens the selection of pulses within the oscillator’s train.

Real test measure on multilayers of organic materials:

  • Scan speed: 1.5m/s
  • Rep Rate: 400kHz

This option facilitates high-precision pulse triggering, akin to the supersync feature, while enhancing control over the energy of extracted pulses under specific conditions.”

Femtotrig® isn’t confined to a singular niche; its applications span a diverse spectrum of domains, each harnessing its precision to redefine outcomes:

Nanofabrication: Precision orchestration of pulses elevates nanoscale material processing, yielding controlled ablation and intricate surface modifications.

Surgical Innovation: In laser-based surgeries, Femtotrig® ensures precise energy delivery, augmenting safety and efficacy.

Spectral Exploration: From pump-probe spectroscopy to ultrafast dynamics, Femtotrig® advances scientific experiments with timed precision.

Imaging Excellence: Photodamage reduction in optical imaging through timed pulse control underscores Femtotrig®’s value.

Laser-Driven Insights: In high-field physics and nonlinear optics, Femtotrig® propels ultrafast dynamics research.

Three New Key Laser Parameters with Femtotrig®

Delay between rising edge of user signal and the emission of the pulse.

With Femtotrig: ~1µs (fixed)

Timing Accuracy on which the output pulse is emitted.

With FemtoTrig: 25 ns (fixed)

Pulse-to-pulse energy stability during frequency change.

With FemtoTrig : Intrinsic stability