Amplitude and Multipoint Project

Working on the Multipoint Project, Emeric Biver, share his thoughts during his Interview about the most exciting challenges to come about the Project 👇

” (…) From my perspective, lasers have a lot to bring to industrial actors in many fields, especially since, as mentioned by my colleagues, pulsed lasers are ever evolving (more power, more functionalities, etc..). Working upstream from the industrial applications, numerous exciting projects are coming through that aim at exploiting the power of lasers. For me, this diversity is a rich source of new challenges to be solved. For example, surface texturing seems to be a hot topic at the moment. Another exciting development for me is the use of Artificial Intelligence in the field of laser micro-machining. (…)”

Find the complete interview on their website 👉 Interview Eric Biver 

Amplitude Laser has been involved in this project since its inception. We aim to develop a 1.2 kW laser source delivering several millijoules of energy per pulse. Three main development axes:

  • Optimization of the optical design to achieve the desired performance,
  • Management of the temperature,
  • Integration of all the components in the most compact case.

More about Multipoint Project? MULTIPOINT’s main objective is to develop a high-power femtosecond laser system for high throughput micro-drilling of large titanium panels used in the fabrication of HLFC (Hybrid Laminar Flow Control) structures in the aerospace industry.