Satsuma Display

Ultrafast Satsuma Display

Satsuma Display

Satsuma Display is the most compact air-cooled femtosecond laser on the market, offering 4 individual outputs.

Satsuma Display is based on the well-known Satsuma platform – benefiting from 10 years of product improvements and feedback from installation of nearly 2 000 units in the field. The Satsuma platform’s reliability and stability are internationally-recognized.

Thanks to the unique features of Satsuma Display, Amplitude enables Display leaders to operate with up to 4 different wavelengths using a single laser. It offers the possibility to optimize the quality of ablation to the highest level for every kind of materials, including metals, p-Si, ITO, insulator and polymers.

In addition, femtosecond pulses provide flexibility to deliver results for the most challenging processes, such as selective ablation, cutting, drilling and carbonization.

Upgrade your nanosecond or picosecond laser repair processes to femtosecond laser to increase your production yield.

Satsuma Display is robust, compact, light and air-cooled, making the integration smooth for gantry system designs.

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