• Pump laser and OPO integrated into one compact, mobile system
  • Frequency shifting at 20 Hz with linewidth accuracy
  • Fully automated for precision scanning

Specifically designed for deployment into pre-clinical environments, AXIA is a fiber coupled OPO that provides broadband tunability, ease of operation, and efficiency in a compact, mobile package. With beam quality that is the hallmark of Amplitude products, AXIA offers a clear advantage in the marketplace.

Fully automated for precision scanning, AXIA comes with a GUI for hands-free operation and features built-in safety interlocks for smooth and safe operation in every environment.

OPO Peak Energy at 750 nm100 mJ
Signal Energy (680-970)70 mJ
Repetition rate20 Hz
Pulse Duration3 - 8 ns
Beam Diameter~6 mm

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