Powerlite DLS Plus

Powerlite DLS Plus

The Powerlite DLS Plus Series is an ideal solution when higher levels of green energy are required for the pumping of Ti:Sapphire laser systems.

High energy, high repetition rate Ti:Sapphire systems are using multiplexed standard lasers as the amplifier pump source. When more energy is required, more lasers are needed.

The Powerlite DLS Plus 2 J and 2.5 J lasers are the best alternative to the complex relay imaging systems delivering the multitude of beams to the amplifier crystal. At 2 J and 2.5 J at 532 nm, the Powerlite DLS Plus Series is the industry leader in terms of energy and beam quality. This is made possible by the implementation of the Faraday Isolator between the oscillator and amplifier, which allows the amplifier to run at its peak performance.

For dollars per Joule, the Powerlite DLS Plus Series lasers make economic sense.

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