Terra PIV

Terra PIV

Terra PIV is a dual oscillator/single head, high repetition rate, diodepumped Nd:YLF laser. The Terra PIV offers the ultimate in flexibility for PIV and other dual output applications.

The combination of two independent oscillators allows complete control of pulse separation and pulse energy. Both oscillators in the Terra PIV system are identical in optical design giving temporally and spatially matched pulses for the highest degree of cross-correlation. Each oscillator can be independently triggered via TTL inputs. As an option, a compact, external combination box can be directly attached to the laser to provide for an easy and safe access to the beam combination optics.

The Terra PIV uses our proprietary intracavity frequency doubling to achieve high energy 527 nm outputs without resorting to the tight focusing (which can result in optical damage) necessary for extra-cavity doubling. Our proprietary pump chamber design increases the overall efficiency allowing for high pulse energy, excellent beam quality and long component lifetimes from a compact and robust diode-pumped package.

  • #Nd:YLF
  • #Compact single laser head
  • #100 W @ 3 kHz
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