High Energy YAG laser / The Titan serie is the family of High Energy and compact Nd:YAG lasers manufactured by Amplitude. Thanks to our efficient pumping chambers, the Titan serie provides the highest ratio Joule per m² on the market. It is a laser of choice for compact table-top applications and also for integration in small Laser peening set-up.

Their minimum footprint makes the Titan serie an ideal candidate to pump large 100s TW and PW Ti:Sa lasers up to 5 Hz while preserving space in your laboratory or facility. Tens of Titans have been successfully installed through the world in space-constrained environment. Moreover, Titans deliver top-hat beam profile and stable output energy to ensure homogeneous and repeatable illumination of your application. For the most demanding applications we can also propose the implementation of a Diffractive Optical Element (DOE) to reach a perfect top-hat beam profile.

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