• Single-shot CEP measurement at up to 1 MHz
  • Plug and Play feedback with the Dazzler

Description of Fringeezz

Positioned following an f-to-2f configuration, the Fringeezz effectively captures the Carrier-Envelope Phase (CEP) error with an impressive speed of up to 15 kHz.

It surpasses conventional methods by offering a CEP measurement rate that is 100 times faster. Additionally, it possesses the exceptional capability of single-shot measurements at frequencies of up to 1 MHz. As a result, the Fringeezz establishes itself as the cutting-edge standard tool for rapid CEP measurements.

Features of Fringeezz

CEP measurement speed (kHz)Up to 15
Single shot capability (kHz)Up to 1000
Resolution (mrad)6 to 10

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