• Fastest acquisition rate
  • Compatible with pulse repetition rates down to 1 kHz
  • Detection range from 1.6 to 12μm with a single setup

Description of Ftirzz

Fitted in a sturdy and space-efficient housing, designed for air purge capability, the FTIRzz stands as an innovative Fourier-transform spectrometer. It possesses a remarkable feature: the capability to accurately measure “low” repetition rate sources. Additionally, it boasts the fastest acquisition rate currently available in the market.

Features of Ftirzz

Spectral range (µm) (cm-1)1.6 - 12 / 833 - 6250
Spectral Resolution (cm-1)Down to 2.5
Laser repetition rate range1 kHz to multi MHz and CW
Measurement time (s) at 1 kHz25
Minimum Pulse Energy (nJ)10

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