• Detection range from 1 to 5 µm with a single set-up
  • Compatible with variable repetition rates, burst sources, etc..
  • Dynamic range up to 40 dB

Description of Mozza

The Mozza MIR spectrometers are perfectly suited for accurately characterizing the spectra of pulsed infrared (IR) laser sources, whether they operate at a few Hz or multi-kHz repetition rates. What sets Mozza apart is its distinctive design that eliminates the need for any moving parts.

Features of Mozza

Spectral range (µm) (cm-1)1-5 µm / 2000 - 10000 cm-1
Scanning speedAt the laser repetition rate up to 25 kHz
Spectral resolution (cm-1)5
Sensitivity (pJ)Down to per resolution point
Dynamic range (dB)Up to 40

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