Amplitude Sequoia laser


  • Robust standardized tool for daily use
  • State-of-the-art technology to measure laser pulse temporal contrast
  • A wide range of laser systems

Description of Sequoia

Developed by world-leader in high peak power laser systems, Amplitude, under license from, and in collaboration with the French CEA, Sequoia offers state-of-the-art measurement of the temporal contrast of laser pulses. This makes it ideal for operations that require strict control of the laser pulse contour, such as femtosecond laser systems used in high-field physics applications.

Features of Sequoia

Central Wavelength800 ± 15 nm ou 1050 ± 15 nm
Spectral Bandwidth750 - 850 nm ou 1000 - 1150 nm
Input Pulsewidth20 - 200 fs (FTL)
Input EnergyDown to 500 µJ for 30 fs pulses

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