• From UV to SWIR
  • Ultra-compact
  • All-included, fully integrated system

Description of Dazzler

Dazzler products are complete and ready-to-use systems for shaping ultrafast laser pulses, offering simultaneous and independent control over both spectral phase and amplitude.

The core technology behind the Dazzler, also known as the Acousto-Optic Programmable Dispersive Filter (AOPDF), operates through a longitudinal interaction within a birefringent crystal.

By utilizing a polychromatic acoustic wave and a polychromatic optical wave, this interaction enables precise control over optical signals spanning the hundreds of Terahertz range. Such control is achieved by manipulating RF signals in the tens of Megahertz range.

Features of Dazzler

Wavelength tuning range (instantaneous bandwidth)250 - 400 nm460 -950 nm650 - 1700 nm650 - 3000 nm2000 - 3700 nm
Spectral resolution0.1 at 250 nm0.2 at 500 nm0.3 at 800 nm0.1 at 650 nm3.5 at 2500 nm
Maximum programmable delay (ps)4 at 250 nm9 at 500 nm8 at 800 nm14 at 900 nm5.5 at 2800 nm
Standard diffraction efficiency20 % at 250 nm / 10 % at 400 nm30 % on a 100 nm bandwidth25 % on a 100 nm bandwidth25 % on a 200 nm bandwidth25 % on a 400 nm bandwidth

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