Horizon OPO

Horizon image

Horizon OPO

  • Extended tunability from 192 nm to 2750 nm
  • Linewidths down to < 3 cm-1
  • Fully automated for precision scanning

Description of Horizon OPO

The Horizon mid-band OPO offers unmatched performance. Its intelligently integrated optical design delivers the highest output powers available over an extensive tuning range (192-2750nm). Fully automated with precision scanning for true hands-free operation, Horizon is a robust system delivering optimal performance – all day, every day.

With the highest conversion efficiency available from any mid-band OPO, Horizon gives you unprecedented advantages: outstanding beam quality, excellent beam pointing stability and the option for wavelength access extended into the vacuum ultraviolet. With crystals and Pellin Broca prisms mounted directly to ultra-high resolution stepper motors, Horizon has been engineered for optimal stability and tuning reproducibility at all wavelengths.

Features of Horizon OPO

SpecificationsWith Surelite I, II, ExWith Surelite I-20With Powerlite DLS 8000With Powerlite DLS 9010With Powerlite DLS 9020With Powerlite DLS 9030
Repetition Rate10 Hz20 Hz10 Hz10 HZ20 Hz30 Hz
Pulse Duration3 to 5 ns3 to 5 ns3 to 7 ns3 to 7 ns3 to 7 ns3 to 7 ns
Pointing Stability< +/- 100 µrad< +/- 100 µrad< +/- 100 µrad< +/- 100 µrad< +/- 100 µrad< +/- 100 µrad
Beam Diameter4 to 7 mm4 to 7 mm4 to 7 mm4 to 9 mm4 to 9 mm4 to 9 mm
Beam Roundness> 85 %> 85 %> 85 %> 85 %> 85 %> 85 %

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