Mango image


  • Dispersion compensation
  • Tunable from deep UV to mid-IR
  • Air-cooled

Description of Mango

Mango is a unique platform of optical parametric amplifier built to conform to the highest quality standards. This system can deliver any wavelength from 210 nm to 11,000 nm from the same output port with the same polarization for ultimate ease of use.

Amplitude has created and developed two models:

  • Mango SP offering shorter pulses and complete dispersion management for applications requiring more peak intensity, such as 3P-imaging, or better temporal resolution.
  • Mango HE operating at much higher pump energies to drive processes requiring higher intensities while preserving broadband tuning.

Features of Mango

SpecificationsMangoMango SPMango HE
Input Power / Energy50 W / 8 to 200 μJ50 W / 8 to 200 μJ5 W / 30 mJ
Output Pulse / Energy12 % at the peak10 % at the peak12 % at the peak
Pulse Duration< 200 fs< 70 fs< 300 fs
Repetition RateUp to 2 MHzUp to 2 MHzUp to 5 kHz

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