Surelite OPO Plus

Surelite OPO Plus

The ultimate design goal for the Surelite OPO Plus system was to provide broad solid state tunability, ease of operation, and efficiency. Having all of that combined with good beam quality, is what sets the Amplitude Surelite OPO apart. Our extensive OPO experience has given Amplitude a unique advantage in understanding the pump beam characteristics required for successful OPO performance. The SLOPO Plus can be pumped with our standard Surelite lasers, but more recently Amplitude introduced the Surelite EX – a designated OPO pump source.

This Type I BBO broadband OPO boasts several unique features. A double pass optical cavity design takes advantage of the pump polarization and resonate wave for efficient optical parametric oscillation, and a fully hermetically sealed oscillator ensures crystal longevity. One inclusive mirror set gives complete access to the signal and idler tuning range and optional computer control means truly hands free operation.

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Surelite EX

Surelite EX is designed to be the ultimate pump source for OPOs and Ti:Sapphire systems. With an optimized laser cavity, Surelite EX provides a uniform...
  • Repetition Rate
    10 Hz
  • Energy Per Pulse
    From 70 to 700 mJ
  • Pulsewidth
    From 6 to 3 ns

Surelite I, II, III

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