The TwinStarzz, featuring a revolutionary and exceptionally stable design, offers remarkable simplicity while delivering efficient, short, and tunable pulses in the mid-infrared (MIR) range. This breakthrough technology unlocks unprecedented possibilities for highly demanding applications.

With the remarkable capability to extend its wavelength range from 235nm to 1800nm, the twinStarzz becomes the perfect tool for various spectroscopy experiments.

It serves as a unique, all-in-one solution, saving both cost and space, and establishing itself as an outstanding optical parametric amplifier (OPA).

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Compatible with

Satsuma X

Powerful & Versatile Ultrafast Laser Satsuma X is an all-in-one, and robust femtosecond laser dedicated to all needs in industry and science. Coming with a...
  • Energy
    Up to 500 µJ per pulses
  • Femtotrig - real pulse on demand
    Down to single shot
  • GHz burst
    Hundreds of pulses per burst

Tangor 300

Powerful, versatile and full featured, Tangor 300 is made for all industrial and scientific needs With Tangor 300, accelerate your production process & advance your...
  • Central Wavelength
    From 343 nm (preliminary specs) to 1030 nm
  • Average Power
    From 100 W to > 300 W
  • Energy Per Pulse
    From 200 µJ to 3 mJ
Image of ultrafast laser Tangor

Tangor 100

Powerful, full-featured and versatile femtosecond laser Tangor 100 is a powerful femtosecond laser combining both high repetition rate and high energy per pulse (going up to...
  • Average Power
    From 30 W to 100 W
  • Energy Per Pulse
    From 150 µJ to 700 mJ
  • Pulsewidth
    From 500 fs to 2 ps