• Highest efficiency in the MIR from 2.5 to 10 μm
  • Up to 50W pump power, up to 500 μJ pump energy
  • Integrated active beam pointing stabilization system and beam diagnostic

Description of TwinStarzz

The TwinStarzz, featuring a revolutionary and exceptionally stable design, offers remarkable simplicity while delivering efficient, short, and tunable pulses in the mid-infrared (MIR) range. This breakthrough technology unlocks unprecedented possibilities for highly demanding applications.

With the remarkable capability to extend its wavelength range from 235nm to 1800nm, the TwinStarzz becomes the perfect tool for various spectroscopy experiments.

It serves as a unique, all-in-one solution, saving both cost and space, and establishing itself as an outstanding optical parametric amplifier (OPA).

Features of TwinStarzz

Pump ModelsSatsuma X / Tangor
Pump Energy (µJ)140 to 500
Maximum Pump Power (W)50
Tuning rand (µm)2.5 to 10
Efficiency at peak (%)Up to 2.5
Pulse Duration (fs)< 120
Spectral bandwidth at 1/e²> 200 cm-1
Long term power stability at peak (%rms)< 1.5
Pulse to Pulse stability at peak (%rms)< 1.5

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