Spectroscopy and Imaging

In spectroscopy, the process of acquiring data usually takes from several hours to several days depending on the repetition rate of the laser used. Thanks to our Ultrafast Ytterbium technology, scientists can overcome this issue. Indeed, with an extremely high repetition rate, femtosecond lasers can drastically increase the quality of the measurement done as well as multiply the received data and reduce the time taken to make the measurement, improving therefore the end users’ productivity.

Our laser are manufactured under a well-defined and controlled industrial process. They are taking advantage of our experience on both the scientific and industrial market.  Performances are at the edge of the technology while maintaining a high reliability and easiness of use. Options are available to answer the different needs of the final user. This allows to cover more applications and gives enough flexibility to adapt to the different experiments required by the users. Our Mango OPA option can be coupled to all our Yb systems in order to generate the required wavelengths whenever the end users wish.

For Spectroscopy, we have focused our interest on the generation of Ultrashort pulse duration. The Tangerine « Short Pulse », with its less than 150 femtoseconds pulse duration is the ideal candidate here, making it an easy replacement solution for Ti:Sapphire technology. To go even further, a Post-compression module, which can be integrated on any of our laser, allows the final user to reach few cycle regime.

Recommended products


Femtosecond laser for research and development in micro processing and scientific applications / Tangerine is a powerful femtosecond laser combining both high repetition rate (going...
  • From > 20 W to 50 W
    Average power
  • Up to 250 µJ
    Energy per pulse
  • From < 150 fs to 10 ps


Variable Pulseshape / Agilite is a high-energy pulsed laser with selectable output pulsewidths. The system comprises an innovative laser design with programmable pulse shaping,...
  • 50 ns to 50 µs
    Programmable Pulsewidth
  • Up to 20 Hz
    Repetition Rate
  • Intuitive Graphic Interface embedded


Powerful, full-featured and versatile femtosecond laser / Tangor is a powerful femtosecond laser combining both high repetition rate (going up to 40 MHz and adjustable...
  • From > 50 W to > 300 W
    Average power
  • From > 300 µJ to > 1 mJ
    Energy per pulse
  • < 500 fs to > 10 ps