Laser Shock

Recommended products

Elite ns laser by Amplitude


Elite, manufactured by Amplitude, is the new standard in high energy nanosecond lasers. This new laser can be summarized in three key words:...
  • up to 100 J @ 1053 nm / up to 75 J @ 532 nm
    Pulse Energy
  • Repetition rate
    Up to 0.1 Hz
  • 12 or 15 ns
    Pulse duration


Pulse Shaping / Intrepid is a high energy pulsed laser system specifically tailored for pumping OPCPA amplifiers. The output of the laser is shaped...

Premiumlite YAG

The Premiumlite product line is based upon a Pseudo Active Mirror Disk Amplifier Module (PAMDAM). Unprecedented high energy and high average power are available...
  • Energy Per Pulse
    Up to 75 J
  • Repetition Rate
    Up to 10 Hz
  • Embedded Liquid-cooled Amplifier Technology