Micro Processing

Micro processing is based on a light-matter interaction process at a micro or submicron scale, i.e. a removal of matter by laser focalization on a small surface area (laser spot of few hundreds of µm2). The interaction follows a simple scenario: the focalized light is transformed into heat by the matter, then it successively passes from a solid-state to a liquid and to a gas-like state. Thermal effects during this operation are therefore important, and the zone affected by the heat is more important than the surface of the laser spot. Even if the cutting process is accurate, this “thermally” affected zone can lead to a degradation of the cutting quality and a modification of material properties.
Since more than 10 years, Amplitude’s femtosecond lasers have been generating a real progress in micro processing: the laser-matter interaction in femtosecond mode erases the second step of the previous scenario. The matter is directly promoted to a gas-like state, and the thermal effects are limited. The heat affected zone can be reduced to a size below micron size. Thanks to this technology, our customers obtain the best quality available on micro processing. Hence, the initial matter’s properties are not altered (no mechanical constraints, no electrical nor chemical modifications).
Amplitude-femtosecond lasers are compact, low electrical consuming, and long term reliable in an industrial environment.
Moreover, our lasers make ultrashort pulses giving results of the highest quality.