Revolutionizing Research with High-Energy Lasers: A Decade of Innovation at LP3 Laboratory

For over a decade, LP3 laboratory, Aix-Marseille University, and CNRS have been at the forefront of cutting-edge research, harnessing the power of high-energy lasers to push boundaries and illuminate new frontiers.

“We are thrilled to share that our esteemed institution has been leveraging the capabilities of the high-energy 250mJ 100Hz Amplitude Laser with ultrashort pulse duration (<25fs) and very high contrast for more than a decade” explains Pierre-Mary Paul.

“This technological advancement has played a pivotal role in driving groundbreaking discoveries and fostering innovation within our institution.” admits Olivier Uteza LP3 laboratory Director.

Through the ASUR platform, our dedicated team has been instrumental in advancing the understanding and utilization of high-power laser systems for imaging, and material science and engineering.  Notably, publication in the renowned APB journal shed light on the laser performance of our 10 TW/100Hz system and delved into the fascinating realm of associated thermal effects.

Among the recent publications:
📖Engraving depth-controlled nanohole arrays on fused silica by direct short-pulse laser ablation (2023)
📖Experimental investigation of size broadening of a Kα x-ray source produced by high-intensity laser pulses (2021)
📖Exploring phase contrast imaging with a laser-based Kα x-ray source up to relativistic laser intensity (2020)
📖Impact of the pulse contrast ratio on molybdenum Kα generation by ultrahigh intensity femtosecond laser solid interaction (2018)
… Others are coming soon

“Today in LP3 lab, thanks to Amplitude Laser and ASUR platform, we can fabricate new smart materials and characterize them in real-time.” says Raphael CLADY Technical Director of ASUR platform.


More details:

LP3 (Lasers, Plasma et Procédés Photoniques) is a multidisciplinary academic laboratory of excellence. Its major activities focus on: i) generation of secondary sources such as hard X-ray by laser-induced plasma technology ii) fundamentals and technological research of laser-matter interactions and iii) development of laser-based processes. The main applications are related to laser structuration and fabrication with major outcomes in photonics, microelectronics, medicine and laser-based diagnostics.

Using the ASUR platform, we study and operate pulsed hard X-ray sources induced by high peak-power high-average power laser sources with the perspective to develop imagery and X-ray diffraction diagnostics for material and life science

ASUR platform is an application platform for ultrafast laser sources for X-ray imaging and laser-matter interaction