Sequoia HD

  • Reference tool for contrast characterization
  • User-friendly interface
  • Robust optical and mechanical design

Amplitude is extending the version of the Sequoia 3rd order cross-correlator, taking its capabilities to new heights. As the global benchmark for ultrashort laser pulse contrast characterization, this upgraded version now boasts an unprecedented measurement dynamic range, setting a new standard for precision and accuracy.

In the context of femtosecond lasers, the improved Sequoia cross-correlator becomes even more valuable. Its extended dynamic range enables precise characterization of femtosecond laser pulses with varying contrasts. It is a powerful tool for optimizing pulse parameters in high-field physics applications, ultrafast spectroscopy, and advanced laser-based research.

Its enhanced capabilities allow researchers to finely tune femtosecond laser pulse contours, ensuring they meet the stringent requirements of cutting-edge experiments and applications. From investigating attosecond phenomena to exploring laser-plasma interactions, the precise measurement of ultrashort laser pulse contrast is critical to pushing the boundaries of science and technology.

Amplitude’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in laser pulse characterization empowers researchers worldwide to unlock new frontiers in femtosecond laser applications, driving advancements in various scientific disciplines and opening up possibilities for groundbreaking discoveries.

Central Wavelength800 ± 15 nm
Spectral Bandwidth750-850 nm
Input Pulsewidth20 - 200 fs (FTL)
Input EnergyDown to 150 µJ
Dynamic Range> 13 orders
Scanning Range> 2.5 ns

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