SHG (Second Harmonic Generation)

Elevating Laser Potential: Unleash the Power of SHG

At Amplitude Laser, innovation drives us to redefine the possibilities of ultrafast femtosecond lasers. We are introducing our transformative Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) option – a gateway to heightened laser capabilities.

SHG, or Second Harmonic Generation, is a fascinating process wherein the frequency of a laser beam is doubled through nonlinear interactions within an optical medium. This dynamic interaction of light produces a new beam with twice the original frequency, leading to a wavelength reduction by half.

Integration in Femtosecond Lasers: Elevating Precision

Included in most of our femtosecond lasers, they introduce a new level of versatility. By utilizing the nonlinear properties of optical crystals, we adeptly manipulate wavelengths, generating efficient second harmonic frequencies. This integration opens up new possibilities in applications that require controlled wavelengths and efficient frequency conversion.

The integration of the SHG option brings forth a host of transformative benefits:

Precision Imaging: The shorter wavelength of the second harmonic revolutionizes imaging accuracy, which is particularly valuable for advanced microscopy and medical diagnostics.

Material Transformation: SHG-equipped lasers redefine material processing, ensuring unparalleled precision in microfabrication and surface structuring tasks.

Scientific Insights: SHG plays a pivotal role in nonlinear optics research, illuminating the characteristics of materials under unique conditions.

Spectroscopic Marvels: The enhanced precision of second harmonic frequencies elevates the accuracy of spectroscopic analyses, which is vital in research and industrial applications.

By incorporating the SHG option into our ultrafast femtosecond lasers, we propel their versatility and capabilities. The fusion of doubled frequencies and refined wavelengths empowers a range of industries, from medicine to manufacturing. Our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that reshape the laser landscape is epitomized through the potential of SHG.