Introducing a groundbreaking generation of ultrafast light sources, this innovative technology achieves unparalleled stability in Carrier-Envelope Phase (CEP), while boasting impressive average power and exceptional versatility.

By integrating industrial-grade Yb-doped pump lasers with Fastlite’s cutting-edge advancements, this new era in ultrafast laser science establishes unprecedented benchmarks. The Starzz OPCPA systems, built upon the Tangor 300 femtosecond pump laser, offer a remarkable capability to span a broad spectrum of wavelengths, ranging from 800nm to 3μm, and deliver pulses of only a few cycles in duration.

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Tangor 300

Powerful, versatile and full featured, Tangor 300 is made for all industrial and scientific needs With Tangor 300, accelerate your production process & advance your...
  • Central Wavelength
    From 343 nm (preliminary specs) to 1030 nm
  • Average Power
    From 100 W to > 300 W
  • Energy Per Pulse
    From 200 µJ to 3 mJ
Ytterbium Magma laser


Magma is the world’s first industrial-grade ultrafast laser platform delivering up to 500 mJ pulse energy in picosecond or sub-picosecond regime. The diode-pumped technology...
  • Pulse Energy
    From 2 mJ to 500 mJ
  • Pulse Duration
    < 500 fs to 10 ps
  • Repetition rate
    Single shot from 5 kHz to 300 Hz
Image of ultrafast laser Tangor

Tangor 100

Powerful, full-featured and versatile femtosecond laser Tangor 100 is a powerful femtosecond laser combining both high repetition rate and high energy per pulse (going up to...
  • Average Power
    From 30 W to 100 W
  • Energy Per Pulse
    From 150 µJ to 700 mJ
  • Pulsewidth
    From 500 fs to 2 ps