Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical components such as implants and surgical tools require perfected manufacturing processes: the slightest alteration of the surface, the dimensions, or the form may have a significant impact on their performance.

For these sophisticated and demanding applications, ultrafast lasers (femtosecond or picosecond) offer unique advantages: they can work on any type of material (ceramic, glass, polymer, metals) without emitting heat, and with both remarkable precision and exceptional quality. They are of a higher average strength and therefore increased industrial productivity and accuracy.

Among the typical applications, we can cite the production of new generation bio-absorbable stents, catheter treatment, or texturing the surfaces of biocompatible implants. New applications are currently under active development, notably in the area of nano-technologies and manufacture of advanced additives.

Amplitude proposes a complete range of ultrafast lasers, of industrial reliability and perfectly adapted to these advanced applications. Feasibility studies or process development can be produced in partnership with our applications laboratory.  Biocompatible materials are rare and must be manufactured on a very small scale in order to be injected. But the nature of the material used is of paramount importance and must not be changed in any way. Absorbed by the body, these materials are fragile and poorly allow the interaction with certain lasers.
Amplitude’s femtosecond lasers solve this problem. With their extremely high repetition rates, our lasers prevent any change in the integrity of the biomaterial, such as corrosion resistance, making femtosecond technology the best option to use. Operating at this precision height, Amplitude-femtosecond lasers are the most in tune with the expectations of our customers manufacturing medical devices.

Recommended products


Powerful, full-featured and versatile femtosecond laser / Tangor is a high power ultrafast laser laser combining both high repetition rate (going up to 40 MHz...
  • From > 50 W to > 300 W
    Average power
  • From > 300 µJ to > 1 mJ
    Energy per pulse
  • < 500 fs to > 10 ps


Ultra-compact and high energy femtosecond laser / Yuja is a powerful femtosecond laser offering a high repetition rate (going up to 40 MHz and adjustable...
  • > 10 W
    Average power
  • > 100 µJ
    Energy per pulse
  • From single shot to 40 MHz
    Repetition rate


Femtosecond laser for research and development in micro processing and scientific applications / Tangerine is a powerful ultrafast laser combining both high repetition rate (going...
  • From > 20 W to 50 W
    Average power
  • Up to 250 µJ
    Energy per pulse
  • From < 150 fs to 10 ps


Versatile, full-featured and compact ultrafast laser / The Satsuma family of femtosecond laser offers offers versatility in the most compact aircooled laser platform on the...
  • From > 5 W to > 50 W
    Average power
  • From > 10 µJ to > 40 µJ / 150 µJ
    Energy per pulse
  • < 350 fs to > 10 ps