THG (Third Harmonic Generation)

THG Option: Elevate Femtosecond Lasers to New Heights

THG, or Third Harmonic Generation, is a remarkable process where the frequency of a laser beam is tripled through nonlinear interactions within an optical medium. In this dynamic interplay of light, a new beam materializes, featuring double the initial frequency and a halved wavelength.

Available on our femtosecond lasers Tangor 100, Satsuma and Satsuma X incorporate the THG option, enhancing versatility. Through nonlinear optical material interaction, Third Harmonic Generation (THG) generates a beam with tripled frequency and a shorter wavelength. This scientific advancement broadens applications and precision, driven by optical material properties.

The integration of the THG option ushers in transformative advantages:

Advanced Imaging: The third harmonic’s shorter wavelength revolutionizes imaging precision, proving invaluable for advanced microscopy and medical diagnostics.

Material Transformation: THG-equipped lasers redefine material processing, unlocking unmatched microstructuring and surface modification precision.

Scientific Prowess: THG empowers nonlinear optical studies, unraveling the characteristics of materials under unique conditions.

Spectroscopic Frontiers: Enhanced harmonic frequencies elevate the accuracy of spectroscopic analyses, driving breakthroughs in research and industrial applications.

By incorporating the THG option into our ultrafast femtosecond lasers, we amplify their capabilities. Tripling frequencies and refining wavelengths, THG-equipped lasers empower diverse industries, from healthcare to advanced research. This innovation epitomizes our unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine the potential of laser applications.