High Intensity and Energy Physics

Modern laser sources routinely reach intensities as high as 10²² W/cm². Consequently, extremely high electric fields, with values higher than 1 TV/m, have been produced by focusing ultrashort high-intensity laser pulses onto targets. Energetic particles (electrons, ions), as well as radiation from X-ray to γ-ray, can be produced using the appropriate target (gas jets, thin foils, clusters).  Laser-driven particles and radiations have unique properties such as pulse length and brightness, which make them different from more conventional sources. Ultra-intense laser systems enable the advent of new scientific practices with significant applications, notably in fundamental science, medical research as well as in industry.

Numerous emerging scientific domains already use these sources. For instance, fast chemistry assists the generation of the quasi-monoenergetic Electron beam at several Gev for, radiotherapy, and material science, a future generation of particle colliders, laboratory astrophysics. The availability of relatively inexpensive, compact accelerators for a wide range of electron energies (multi- GeV) or proton energies of (10-100 MeV) makes them affordable to universities and industries. Amplitude’s intense lasers PULSAR and ARCO have been designed to serve the needs of the most challenging applications. These product lines are characterized by their peak performance, vast range of options, robust and flexible architecture and upgradable monitoring system which greatly enhance the user experience.

Recommended products


The best of the Ti:Sapphire technology / Arco – the class of ultra-intense fs laser systems designed as the ideal light source for the most...
  • From 10 Hz to 10 kHz
    Repetition rate
  • From 0,8 mJ to 500 mJ
    Energy per pulse
  • From < 20 fs to < 100 fs

Pulsar PW

Ultra intense ultrafast laser Pulsar PW is the ultimate light source dedicated to high field science, offering the best-in-class performance and bringing industrial-grade reliability...
  • 1 shot / mn to 1
    Repetition rate
  • From > 0,5 PW to > 1 PW
    Peak power
  • From > 12,5 to > 25
    Energy per pulse

Pulsar TW

Pulsar TW is the state-of-the-art high intensity laser for high field science. It offers best-in-class performance with industrial-grade reliability in a compact footprint. This...
  • From 5 to 10 Hz
    Repetition rate
  • From > 60 TW to > 250 TW
    Peak power
  • From> 1,5 to > 6,25 J
    Energy per pulse

Premiumlite GLASS

The Premiumlite product line is based upon a Pseudo Active Mirror Disk Amplifier Module (PAMDAM). Unprecedented high energy together with a high repetition rate...
  • Up to 260 J
    Energy Per Pulse
  • Up to 0.1 Hz
    Repetition Rate
  • Embedded Liquid-cooled Amplifier Technology

Premiumlite YAG

The Premiumlite product line is based upon a Pseudo Active Mirror Disk Amplifier Module (PAMDAM). Unprecedented high energy and high average power are available...
  • Up to 75 J
    Energy Per Pulse
  • Up to 10 Hz
    Repetition Rate
  • Embedded Liquid-cooled Amplifier Technology


Variable Pulseshape / Agilite is a high-energy pulsed laser with selectable output pulsewidths. The system comprises an innovative laser design with programmable pulse shaping,...
  • 50 ns to 50 µs
    Programmable Pulsewidth
  • Up to 20 Hz
    Repetition Rate
  • Intuitive Graphic Interface embedded


High Energy YAG laser / The Titan serie is the family of High Energy and compact Nd:YAG lasers manufactured by Amplitude. Thanks to our...
  • Up to 5 Hz
    Repetition Rate
  • quasi top-hat
    Beam Profile
  • Very compact footprint