GHz Burst

Revolutionizing Ultrafast Processes with GHz Femtosecond Lasers

Welcome to a new era in ultrafast laser processing – where efficiency meets innovation.

Experience the power of GHz repetition rate pulses, a breakthrough that transforms laser material processing on our Satsuma X, Tangor 100, and Tangor 300.

In comparison with single femtosecond pulses, GHz bursts engage multiple ablation mechanisms, triggering a dynamic, multi-step process. This journey begins with a crucial thermal incubation phase, paving the way for an immensely efficient ablation phase. The magic lies in the fusion of thermal and non-thermal ablation mechanisms, redefining laser processing.

Enhancing Ablation Efficiency: The Optimal Burst Duration

Precision is essential. With a strategic choice of burst duration, unleash a surge in ablation efficiency. Long bursts, spanning tens to hundreds of pulses, harness the true potential of heightened efficiency. This synergy between GHz technology and optimized duration propels your applications into a realm of extraordinary outcomes.

Discover the results that GHz femtosecond lasers bring to industrial applications:

Percussion Glass Drilling: Tangor 100W IR GHz option redefines drilling – no material damage, 30 μm drilling diameter, depths up to 500 μm with an impressive aspect ratio 1:16.

Stainless Steel Ribblet Texturing: Tangor 100W SHG & GHz options create textured perfection – high ablation efficiency, precise bottom flatness control, and ribblet heights of 40 μm.

Efficient Silicon Dicing: Tangor 100W SHG & GHz options master silicon dicing – crack-free (HAZ), minimal energy requirement, beam splitting feasibility, and minimal overlap.

Stainless Steel Black Marking: Tangor IR GHz option revolutionizes marking – unparalleled efficiency, striking contrast, low energy demand, beam splitting adaptability, all in a single pass.

Explore the potential of GHz femtosecond lasers in revolutionizing ultrafast laser processing for industrial innovation, efficiency, and precision.